An architect is a trained professional who designs and overviews the construction of buildings. Think of all the buildings already existing and the necessity to always erect new ones. We always need structures and for different reasons mainly grouped under four categories; the need for residential houses, business structures, entertainment venues, and utility buildings. Considering the fact that we always need these structures, the need for architects is always on the rise.

The architect’s job is first to survey the site where the job is to be done checking things like the soil type and the texture of the soil for a start, before heading to more serious issues like drawing the plan for the house. His job doesn’t end there, he ensures that the workers abide by his sketch and(or) drawing when choosing materials for the building. Professionally, people’s lives are directly related to the job of an architect. Hence, all architects need the best equipment to help them carry out their work without hitches. While there are many technical equipments that help this cause, probably the most overlooked is the tablet. In this list, we will look at a few of those options while looking at the importance of the tablet to the architect.


The first thing an architect is looking for in a tablet for work is a large screen to be able to view all the sketches and images taken on site. While this is true, it would be counterproductive to buy a tablet with an overly large screen. Samsung Galaxy Tab A features a “just manageable” screen of size 9.7 inches with the option of an S pen (which serves as a tool for all needed extendable activities). The S pen makes it stand out, but the battery life, unfortunately, doesn’t as it has a range of 12 – 15 hours while connected to the internet before a recharge. However, the price which starts from $250, and a great camera, makes it a good option for android lovers.


The phone company giants – Apple, presents Architects with this option for their work. This small version of the iPad still contains all the notable perks of an iPad in a smaller, more compact and more affordable version. It features a 7.9inch display with up to 10 hours’ battery life when connected to the internet. The storage space is impressive as well, with options for 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB. You will not have any issues with the speed of the device, its 1.5 GHz Apple A8 (Dual-Core) processor ensures that all operations on the device are seamless. With its price starting from $347, it is a good buy if you are looking for something that suits your budget.


iOS lovers would immediately go for this option and you won’t blame them iOS devices are known for their strong battery life and security… it’s an iPad for goodness sake. It features a 12.9-inch screen display with the option of 128GB of storage. Now you don’t have to worry about losing some of your work. It features the additional optional purchase of an Apple pen or any stylus in fact for the extendable operations such as drawing and sketch design. It stands out prices starting from a whopping $790 which is quite much compared to other options but is the best quality available.


Microsoft is not left out of the list. They produce one of the best quality phones and tablets, proven by the design of the Surface Pro. This tablet features a 12.3-inch screen having a resolution of 2736*1824 pixels, meaning that it will be difficult finding a tablet with a sharper screen. On storage, it boasts of 128GB and 4 GB RAM, which is quite unusual for a tablet. Its price stands at about $1500, a small price to pay for perfection in its design.


Perhaps you need to get a laptop. Well, you can get them both in one device. Microsoft Surface Book boasts of versatility, having a 2-in-1; a tablet and a laptop. Well, of course, you wouldn’t want to risk scratching the laptop feature, it features a detachable tablet of 13.5-inches having an outstanding 3000*2000 pixels display. When coupled, the laptop features a Core i7 processor able to handle the most arduous of tasks (probably relaxed while sipping tea). The storage features include an 8GB RAM processor and a 256 GB internal memory. It stands at the price of $2899 which is quite the bargain considering the features it packs.