As a good artist, it is easy to tell that all papers aren’t the same. While some bring out the beauty of your artwork, some make you miss the details and put your efforts to waste. It is true that all papers aren’t compatible with all tasks and that is why knowing the best paper for colored pencils is important.

The type of paper you use plays a big role in how well your artwork is going to come out, so the importance of using the right paper should never be underestimated. Well, you don’t have to waste your time and money trying out different papers for your colored pencils until you get the right one. With our top five best paper for colored, you’d save both time and money and avoid the trial and error process. Below are some of the best paper for colored pencils;

1. Colore Sketch Pad

The Colore Sketch Pad is one of the most versatile papers for colored pencils. It works great for drawing with colored pencils and basically any form of writing, you don’t have to be a professional to use this sketch pad – it is literally good enough for novices and intermediate writers and artists.

You can carry this sketch pad everywhere – it is light and portable, fitting into your backpack or handbag, making it easier to use anywhere. Its pages are also perforated, so you get to detach a sheet whenever. It also has a total of 100 blank sheets, giving you enough space to draw or write as much as possible.

2. Strathmore 400 Series Colored Pencil Pad, 11″x14″ Wire Bound

Next on our review, we have the Stratmore colored pencil spiral paper pad with a total of 30 sheets for drawing and writing. Its sheets are acid-free making it safe for both adults and kids to use without getting nauseated or sick just by using it.

This paper for colored pencils isn’t categorically considered to be one of the lightest colored pencil pads – it is actually quite heavy, while this is a huge disadvantage to some, it is an added advantage to others depending on preference. This colored pencil pad has a heavy chipboard backing and durable spiral binding for prolonged use.

3. Speedball 5178 Premier Sanded Pastel Paper

We also have the Speedball 517028 Premier Sanded Pastel Paper. Made out of 100% cotton, making it comfortable to use for both you and your colored pencils. This paper is great for pastel works, all thanks to its medium gritted surface.

One of the unique and most impressive features of this paper is that you can use oil, dry and, acrylic colored pencils on it without fear of destroying the paper or more importantly, your art-piece of written information. It also comes in 5 different colors of paper grit, just in case you are color selective.

4. Canson XL Series Bristol Vellum Paper Pad

The Canson XL Series Bristol Vellum Paper Pad is one of the safest and healthy papers to use for writers and artists – it is absolutely acid-free and suitable for all ages. Each pad consists of Bristol papers that make it easier to erase mistakes and make corrections whenever.

This paper pad is slightly heavy and features bright white papers for proper visibility. It also consists of 25 sheets, which is quite low in number, but worth every sheet used. using pens, ink, markers, and more importantly, colored pencils on it wouldn’t be a problem.

5. Canson Drawing Mi-Teintes Paper Pad, Dual Sided Textures for Pastels

Last but not the least, we have another paper pad from Canson here on our review today. For all pastel and drawing works, the Canson Drawing Mi-Teintes Paper Pad is just the right paper pad for you. This dual surfaced paper has a heavy texture at one side and a light one on the other side.

They are fade-resistant, all thanks to its 50% cotton composition. It is also slightly lightweight and each pad has a total of 24 sheets for long and extended use. For a great art piece, the Canson Drawing Mi-Teintes Paper Pad is just the right pad for you.


Now that you know the best paper for colored pencils – the best five at least, it’d be easier to produce an amazing workpiece. These papers are durable, versatile and of good quality, so they are absolutely worth their prices, no doubts.

I hope this article has been of great help and has eased the pain and burden of having to make researches yourself or worst of all, going to the store just to end up purchasing the wrong paper.