We must confess, the importance of a shredder is usually under-rated – especially among homeowners. Shredders aren’t just fun tools that cut papers into long pieces – they are tools that are used to get rid of important files and documents that could put anyone in danger or get them in trouble.

Shredders are also one of the law’s favorite tools, showing how important it is, especially where sensitive data are involved. 

Purchasing a shredder that is both time and cost-effective could sometimes be difficult, and that is exactly why I am here; to save you from the stress of doing a whole lot of research and wasting money on useless shredders. Below are the top five best shredders in the history of shredders;


Bonsaii 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder


First on our review today, we have the amazing and versatile Bonsaii 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper shredder, considered to be the best paper shredder out there today. Easy and fun to use, this paper shredder comes with a light indicator, which makes it begin to shred automatically as soon as it senses paper.

One of the amazing features of this shredder is its ability to shred 10 sheets of paper into smaller pieces all at once. Not only does it shred paper, but it also shreds credit cards, staples and, clips with its durable steel cutters. Portable with an overload/overheat protector, this shredder would be around for a long while.


Aurora AU650MA High-Security 6-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper Credit Card Shredder


We also have this multi-functional paper shredder with a shredding capacity of 6 papers at once. The Aurora AU650MA is safe for users of all ages because it has a safety feature that turns it off whenever it senses force exerted on materials to be shred.

The Aurora AU650MA also has an anti-jam feature that automatically stops it when it senses an overload. It is also very easy to use, disposing waste is quick, with just one handle you can gain access to waste for disposal. For top-notch security, there’s also a micro-cut option – cutting paper, staples and, clips into small bits.


AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Home Office Shredder


Next on our review, we have this hard worker that shreds up to 12 sheets of paper at once, helping you shred important files and documents as quickly as possible. With the ability to shred credit cards and other useless cards, this shredder is considered to be versatile.

Operating this shredder isn’t rocket science, this shredder senses documents and cards whenever they’re close and automatically begin to shred. It also shreds documents in three different patterns; cross-cut, strip -cuts and, micro-cuts – with a handle that is easy to lift for disposing of waste.


AmazonBasics 24-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper


We also have another paper shredder from AmazonBasics, and it’s of no surprise, they’re known for producing durable and efficient shredders. The versatility of this shredder is one of our favorite features, it conveniently cuts CDs, DVDs and credit cards too.

This shredder is quite rugged, working for 25 minutes non-stop and a 60-minute cooling period.  Featuring an overload and overheating sensor, this shredder automatically turns off when it senses any activity that threatens its long lifespan. Its large pull-out bin holds up to 7 gallons of shredded waste, making you shred for longer hours without having to dispose of waste every minute.


Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 


If you need a shredder that is 100% jam-free, the Fellowes Powershred 79Ci is right about the best paper shredder for you. It has a SilentShred feature that gives you all the peace and quiet you need while shredding.

Shredding CDs, DVDs, credit cards, and other important documents is quick, easy and safe as this shredder features a SafeSense Technology that turns the shredder off automatically whenever your hand touches the paper opening. With a 6-gallon bin, you’d spend more time shredding than disposing of waste. Let’s not forget its shredding capacity of 16 sheets of paper all at once.


Shredding doesn’t have to be all serious and boring; don’t get me wrong, shred the necessaries and don’t get carried away. With the above-reviewed paper shredders, shredding is both fun and efficient. Keeping your documents safe and out of the sight of danger is also very possible using these shredders.

These shredders are portable, quick and efficient. Purchasing them wouldn’t be a waste of time and money – you get your money’s worth and more. With proper maintenance and good use, these shredders are going to be around for a long time.