Writing is an art and I don’t just mean the stories. Writing itself, the penmanship and the flourish of calligraphy. Calligraphers write in these beautiful strokes, every letter, every word written in that beautiful calligraphy seems to carry more weight than words written regularly.

What better way to achieve victorian-like penmanship than having your own calligraphy pen? In my personal pursuit to better handwriting, let me share with you the best calligraphy pens readily available in the market.

Mont Marte Calligraphy Set: Best Calligraphy Set for Beginners

Mont Marte is an Australian company known for its wide array of art tools but they have truly gone above and beyond with this calligraphy pen set. The box includes four calligraphy pens, nibs, inks and the best part that makes it great for beginners are the introduction booklet that gives you the basics about the art of calligraphy and a guide for every letter. Included in the set is an exercise book that will help you turn from a novice calligrapher to an expert in no time.


  • The set includes 4 Calligraphy pens, 5 nib grades: fine, extra-fine, medium, broad, and extra broad, 20 ink cartridges, 1 Introduction booklet, and 1 Exercise booklet.
  • The price $24.95 is worth it for what’s included in this
  • Gives you a wide range of options with pens, colors, and nibs


  • The pens require some assembly, you have to put the cartridge in the body. It’s a whole process.
  • Since it’s a set, it’s not very portable.

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen: Best Classic Calligraphy Pen

Sleek, office-friendly design the Pilot fountain pen is the one you’re looking for. Armed with a fine nib, this calligraphy pen is sure to give your handwriting the elevated and professional look it needs when you sign that important money-making documents at the office. This calligraphy pen is designed for everyday use for professionals on-the-go.


-Available in sleek colors of champagne gold, black, and silver

-Easily refillable cartridge

-Great for office use

-Modern design


-Price can be steep for one pen $20.95

-non-interchangeable nib

Plotube Wooden Pen Calligraphy Set: Best Vintage Calligraphy Set

Perfect for the old soul looking for a vintage, wooden, and hand-crafted calligraphy pen out there. This pen is suited for expert and beginner calligraphers alike with its choice of nibs and beautifully carved body. It comes in a lovely box making it a perfect gift for that friend who wants to embody their inner Hemingway or even better a gift for you.


-For $20 a lot is in this box: 1 wooden pen, 1 golden pen holder, 1 golden stainless steel nib, 10 stainless steel nibs, 1 ink bottle (15ml) and comes in a gift box.

-Makes you feel like a historical figure when you write


-It’s a dip calligraphy pen so it doesn’t have a cartridge.

Aen Art Dual Brush Set: Best Colorful Calligraphy Set

If colors and variations are your thing then this calligraphy brush set is a perfect choice. These colorful pens are dual tipped with a brush and a fine bullet tip. Unleash all the colors of the rainbow with this calligraphy set! Explore colors and variations with the 18 options you can choose from. Create art with your handwriting. Make that journal a little more interesting with these pens.


-18 colors

-Dual tipped brush: flexible brush and a fine bullet

-Versatile brushes

-The very affordable price point of $9.49


-Non-refillable cartridge

Tombow 62038 Fudenosuke Brush Set: Best Calligraphy Pen for People on the Budget

This calligraphy brush set is made for the people who are on the budget but don’t want to sacrifice the quality of their calligraphy. This set includes two pens with a flexible brush set and a fine point pen that gives you the freedom to explore artistically. Your imagination is truly the limit with what you can do with these pens, from calligraphy to sketches. If you can imagine it, you can do it.


-2 Fudenosuke Brush Pens

-Great price of $5.99

-Amazing for beginners

-Use not limited for calligraphy


-Limited color option

-Limited brush tips


Whether it’s for a hobby, professional reasons, or a skill, learning calligraphy will not be a waste of your time. Write letters worth keeping because of your beautiful calligraphy. Sign those job contracts with the best calligraphy pen to impress your bosses. Keep track of important events with the best calligraphy set and enjoy those memories when you look back. In an age where words are seen through the screen, calligraphy is an art worth appreciating.