If there is one thing that an artist needs to do his work on, it is a desk. Many years ago, any piece of flat surface would work, but these days desks themselves are sometimes state of the art. They are ergonomic and stylish, with many desks being specially made for the individual body shape of the artist.

While there are many things to remember when buying a desk, there are some things that are very important when working in one position for a prolonged time. Comfort is everything, and a desk that is adjustable is vital if you are not to end up with back and neck pains.

Cost is also a consideration because even though the desk may be used daily, artists are like everyone else and may have to budget for their purchases.

2 Piece Comet Arts and Craft Table

This artist’s desk is sturdily built and very durable. It is made from heavy-gauge steel with a laminate finish and a 24″ slide-out ledge.

The dimensions of the top are 36″ x 23.7″ and the desk comes with an additional storage shelf. You can adjust the top angle from flat to 40 degrees.

There are a further three additional drawers for maximum storage, and the desk comes with Six-floor levelers to keep it extra stable. There is a padded stool included in the package, which stands 20.5″ from the ground.

The overall dimensions of the desk are 50″ x 23″ x 29″ so there is a large amount of space for all your artwork.

ZENY Height Adjustable Drawing Table

This desk is made of high-quality P2 MDF material and comes with powder coated iron legs. The height of the desk is adjustable from 28″ – 35″ with the ability to change the angle of the work position from 0-45 degrees.

What is good about this desk is that it is multifunctional. You can change the main workplace according to your needs. When not in use you can close the top and simply use it as a desk instead of an artists’ table.

The desk comes with two large drawers for extra storage, and the legs are designed with sturdiness in mind. There are pads on each leg for extra stability and for protecting the floor.

The desk is easy to set up with all the tools included and the instruction very easy to understand. This desk ranks as one of the best drawing desks on the market.

SD Studio Designs 2 Piece Mobile Desk

The area of the primary workspace is 35″ x 24″ so big enough to handle large projects. There is a tempered blue safety glass on top and the top can be angled from the flat position to 70 degrees.

The unit comes with three plastic drawers that slide out for extra storage and these can be used on either the left or right side.

Additionally, there is a 2″ deep pencil drawer for supplies. The legs are attached to wheel castors so the desk can easily be moved around and locked into place when they are in position.

The desk is made of a powder-coated silver frame and the seat comes with padding for extra comfort.

Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table

The antique design of this desk makes it an article to be desired, even as only a piece of furniture. It is adorable with the vintage antique design.

The finish is of solid hardwood, which makes it very sturdy and stable. There is a built-in pencil groove as well as a 24″ pencil ledge.

The main work area has an adjustable angle top which goes from flat to 80 degrees with ease.

The desk comes ready to assemble and has clear instructions, with any tools included.

Yaheetech Height Adjustable Drawing Table

Both the height of the desk and the tabletop are adjustable on this desk and the angle can be adjusted from 0 – 45 degrees, making it suitable for both kids and adults.

This desk can be easily used for an office as well as for an artist as it can be configured to suit a computer as well as drawings.

The legs come with rubber feet for extra stability and floor protection and the side trays are removable. There is an additional three-drawer attached storage unit.

The desk is made from high-quality MDF and has powered coated iron legs. The matching stool is comfortable with extra padding, making this one of the best desks for artists for your money.


Once you have decided what you want to use your desk for and where it will stand you will have a better idea of what type of desk you have in mind. Whether you prefer a modern desk with sleek lines or the traditional type in an older style, we think you will be happy with one of our choices.