Pencils have changed a lot since many people were young. These days some people use mechanical pencils which differ from ordinary pens. Mechanical pencils work by making use of rachets.

These pencils have two or three pincers at the tip, inside the ring. There is a button at the end, which, when pressed, makes the rachet move and open so that the lead can protrude and be used.

When the button is released, the lead is grasped and stays at that length while you work. There are some mechanical pencils where the lead can move back and forth and some of them are screw based to twist the lead in and out of the pencil.

What is good about the best mechanical pencils is that they will deliver a line of constant width which is excellent for technical drawings and also in art.

Mechanical pencils are readily available and choosing the right one can be confusing. Here we have looked at the top 5 best mechanical pencils to help you make up your mind.

Pentel Twist-Erase III Automatic Pencil with 2 Eraser Refills, 0.7mm, Assorted Barrels, 2 Pack (QE517BP2-K6)

The design of this mechanical pencil means that the tip is protected and will not break accidentally.

The pencil in ergonomically designed so prolonged use does not make your hands tired.

What makes this one of the best mechanical pencils for drawing is that it is larger than average as well as the twist-up eraser should you need to re-do work.

Included in the pencil is a supply of Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead, which does not require sharpening, produces a clear blue line, and is super strong.

BIC Xtra-Sparkle Mechanical Pencil, Medium Point (0.7 mm)

This set of mechanical pencils is all about fun! The pencils come with sparkly lead and a #2 lead, which is perfect for most tests your kids will do.

This is rated as the number one selling mechanical pencil, never needs sharpening and brings out the lead with one simple click.

The lead in this pencil is smooth and does not smudge. It is also able to be erased with no marks left. Just one click advances the lead to the length you want.

Pentel Sharp Mechanical Pencil, (0.5mm), Metallic Barrels, Assorted Colors, 2-Pk (P205MBP2M)

This pencil in Pentel’s number 1 selling mechanical pencil. You will find that the pencil is sturdy enough to withstand the work of most students and professionals alike.

The tip length of 4mm means that it is perfect to work with stencils and templates.

The pencil is preloaded with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead and never needs to be sharpened.

The lead produces a clear dark blue line and is very strong so it will not break under pressure.

The pencil comes with the option of lead thicknesses, namely 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm.

Zebra Cadoozles Starters Colored Mechanical Pencil, 2.0mm Point Size, Assorted Colors, 24-Count

This is one of the best mechanical pencils for beginners as it can take a lot of pressure from them either when writing or drawing. The lead is 2.00mm and non-toxic.

The ergonomically designed pen means that it can be held for longer lengths of time without tiring the hand.

One thing that is different about this pen is that the barrel is triangular in shape. This means that the pencil will not accidentally roll off the table onto the floor. Because the pencil is so compact, it is great for younger users with small hands.

This mechanical pencil is the perfect choice for classrooms, craft classes and any kids who enjoy coloring.

rOtring 600 Series Mechanical Pencil, 0.35mm, Black Body (5603)

This stylish mechanical pencil is designed in black with a truly classy look to it. The lead is size 0.35mm and it is ideal for professional writing as well as artwork.

The grip is comfortable and non-slip and feels well-balanced so working for long periods will not be an issue.

The pencil has a hexagonal shape to prevent it from rolling off the table. The brass mechanism lets the lead advance with no fear of accidental breakage.


Once you have decided what you are going to use your mechanical pencil for, you can go ahead and choose one. Ideally, you should have a pencil that offers a selection of lead thicknesses for any different types of work you do.

Having a pencil that is triangular shaped will mean it stays exactly where you left it – on the table.